Thai Massage Supplies Europe

Thai Massage Supplies Europe is a new (2017) Dutch wholesaler that specializes in import & export and the sale of high quality original Thai massage supplies. Thai Massage Supplies Europe sells its products both to the retail trade and to private individuals from its own location in Lelystad.

Thai Massage Supplies Europe is among others the exclusive distributor of the products of 5 Golden Dragon Brand LTD (Bangkok Thailand) for Europe. All our products are of natural origin and are not tested on animals.

Because we take care of the purchasing, import & export and delivery itself, we are able to deliver our products at very competitive prices.

Thai Massage Supplies Europe was founded in November 2017 by door Tui Chantanu en Jos Pohner.

5 Golden Dragon Brand Ltd.

5 Golden Dragon Brand Ltd. (Bangkok, Thailand) is a producer of original Thai massage and body care products such as, for example, massage & sport (boxing oil) oil, herbal balms, herbal stamps, a variety of nutritional supplements.

All 5 Golden Dragon Brand products have been developed on the basis of herbs that have been successfully used for more than 2,500 years to combat and cure diseases and ailments. It will therefore be no surprise to anyone that the knowledge of the beneficial effects of herbs and their extracts is nowhere as large as in Asia and especially in Thailand. 5 Golden Dragon Brand is a particularly successful family business founded in 2005 by Somchai Panyawat Rittachaiwiwat. The company is represented in Europe by Thai Massage Supplies Europe.

The factory and the laboratory are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and machines at the beginning of 2018, leaving only 10 employees and management fully owned by the family. According to Somchai, in order to guarantee the company’s philosophy, it will always remain a family business and be continued later by his daughter and son. The products now belong to the top of Thailand and distinguish themselves in price and superior quality.